Belgrade, capital of Serbia

"He who was lucky enough to wake up in Belgrade this morning, may be deemed to be sufficient for today's achievements in life. Any further insistence on something more, would be immodest." by Dusko Radovic, Belgrade's award-winning poet.


BELGRADE is the capital and the biggest city in the Republic of Serbia, with 2.2 million inhabitants, the area is 322,268 hectare's with 10 urban and 7 suburban municipalities. The climate is temperate-continental, winter temperature is between -10˚C to 5˚C with summer averaging 25˚C - 35˚C. Kosava is the characteristic name for the wind that sweeps through Belgrade and it is the largest air cleaner for the city, blowing 2-3 days and bringing clear and dry weather. Belgrade lies on two rivers, the confluence of the Sava and  the Danube. Belgrade is also known as "the City of the Opened Heart".



The most beautiful places as characteristics of Belgrade



KALEMEGDAN - Belgrade's largest and most beautiful park and it is located in the downtown of the city. The pedestrian zone of Knez Mihailova Street comes straight out to Kalemegdan. The inhabitants of Belgrade were given the forttress back from the Ottoman Empire in 1867th, then under the reign of Serbian Prince Mihajlo Obrenovic and until today, Kalemegdan is arranged as a city park.

In addition to gorgeous views, which provides the confluence of the rivers Sava and Danube from the Belgrade Fortress and the Monument of Victory named "Pobednik" (victor), Kalemegdan has numerous attractions. Landmarks like the Military Museum, children's amusement park, a cafe-restaurant called "Kalemegdan terace", the Belgrade zoo, sports fields which are offten used for numerous concerts and events. Kalemegdan is often setup as grounds for public exibitions of Belgrade's artists. The park is romantically lighted in the evening for a pleasant walk-through.





ZOO - "Garden of Good Hope" is in the center of Belgrade and is located in the lower part of the Kalemegdan fortress and in its vicinity is a children's amusement park. The garden was established in 1936 and is one of the oldest in Europe. It occupies an area of 6 hectares and has over 2,000 animals and features about 200 different animal species, wild and domestic. Longtime manager and director Vuk Bojovic is largely responsible for the modern look and well-being of the garden. For its 60th birthday, the Zoo got the statue of Sami the monkey,  which was the first chimpanzee that came to the Zoo. The Zoo also features baby zoo, which is especially interesting for children because it holds all of the zoo's younger animals. Every week the garden holds a different schedule of events which makes it lively and interesting for its visitors.




SKADARLIA - the Bohemian quarter (Skadarska Street), is 500 meters long and is located in the very center of Belgrade under the Republic Square and The National Theater. Its present name was given in 1872. Until that, Skadarlia was known as small-Šićan which in translation from Turkish means Gypsy’s quarter, since the gypsys originally established their village there in 1830. For the purposes of tourism, Skadarlija, which began to resemble the other streets of Belgrade, was rebuilt again to feature a cobblestone street like it originally did from the beginning of the 20th century. Skadarlija today is one of the most visited places by tourists. Together with writers and popular actors who contribute, the revival of skadarlian legends is possible. Because the National Theater is close, in the late 19th and early 20th century, many actors have lived there. With the arrival of actors, other artists, poets, writers, and painters followed. Today, there are famous restaurants "Tri sesira“(Three Hats), “Dva jelena"(Two deers), "Ima dana...“(There are days ...), "Putujući glumac“(Traveling actor), the area also features many popular bars. There is a pub-porter house and a small shopping mall and food can be purchased from nearby kiosks, the infamous “Ćevapi and Pleskavice in lepinja“ which is a Serbian delicacy can also be enjoyed here. Because of the steep slope of the street, the second largest market in Belgrade called Bajloni is located at the bottom of Skadarlija.



ADA CIGANLIA - artificial Sava Lake, just 4 km from the city center. Converted from the estuary of river Sava in 1967. Belgrade receives a unique lake which in summer has a number of swimmers and in the winter days Belgraders use it for numerous sports and recreational walks. The walking track that wraps around the lake is aproximately 8 km in circumference. Ada ciganlija has over 50 different outdoor sports grounds, including the golf course and ski lifts for water skiing. There are football fields, tennis courts, handball, volleyball and basketball courts, and also areas for baseball, rugby and a field hockey arena. There are also facilities for volleyball and aqua soccer. As far as extreme sports go: bungee jumping, artificial rock climbing, and paintball is featured also. For fishermen, there is the Ada Safari. The lake is perfect for swimming, rowing, kayaking, water polo, diving, windsurfing and other sports, and there are national and international championships that are held here yearly.

Ada Ciganlija is the cultural and entertainment center of Belgrade, especially in the summer. There are numerous events organized with the participation of famous writers, drama and pop artists, cultural societies, choirs, orchestras and amateurs from various fields. Gastronomy-Ada holds dozens of restaurants in rustic-style restaurant and raft-houses on the water, whose content features cherished traditions of bohemian Belgrade.

For visitors of Ada there are available picnic areas, bowling, mini-golf, horse-drawn carriages, mini train travel and pedal boats to ride the lake, as well as an eco-ship that runs on electric propulsion. There are also numerous clubs with live orchestras in the evenings, whether summer or winter time.



TEMPLE OF SAINT SAVA - The biggest Orthodox church in the Balkans. Situated on the Vracar, the central Belgrade municipality. It is dedicated to St. Sava, the founder of the Serbian Orthodox Church, whose relics are considered to be burned on the Vracar plateau in the year 1595 by the Ottoman emperor Sinan Pasha. The temple is 82m high in total, of which the main cross itself is 12m high and has 49 bells. The temple occupies a prominent place in Belgrade horizon. The temple is one of the main features of the city, as a part of the colorful silhouette of contemporary Belgrade. As with the Parthenon, it overlooks Belgrade and can almost be seen from any sector of the city.


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