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Private flats for short term rent in Belgrade. It is private accommodation in Belgrade narrow center, also in Novi Beograd,  Banjica, Zvezdara, Vracar, Zemun. We have a large selection of apartments. We have in offer studios, 1 bedroom apt, 2,3,4 bedroom/s apartments. Price range is from 30EUR/night for 2 people, around 50EUR/night for 4 people.. 

Let the convenience of our well placed apartments and 24 hour service make the most out of your visit to Belgrade today!

Knez Mihajlova, Obilicev venac, Trg Republike, Stari Grad, Savamala, Vracar, Palilula, Zvezdara, Banovo brdo, Banjica..  Just aks - we will find it for you :)

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Apartment 110 vracar KURSULINA Belgrade

APARTMENT is in KURSULINA street Vracar area, 45m2, 2nd floor with elevator, for 2 persons. In apartment is big living room with sofa bed and TV, and cozy corner with 2 sofa chairs and the table. Kitchen is modern and...

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Apartment 107 center DOSITEJEVA Belgrade

Apartment 107 center DOSITEJEVA Belgrade is located in narrow city center, 33m2, ground floor, for max. 3 persons (2+1). Apartment has large bedroom which consists of 3 parts: comfortable french bed 160x200 with clean...

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Apartment 011 center GUNDULICEV VENAC 2 Beograd

APARTMENT is in GUNDULICEV VENAC street, 30m2, groundfloor, city center. Apartment is rentable for 2 persons. Apartment is designed as a large studio where the bed for sleeping, living room and kitchen are...

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Apartment 009 center MAKEDONSKA Belgrade

APARTMENT is in narrow center, MAKEDONSKA street, 30m2, 5th floor with elevator. Apartment is rentable for max 3 persons. Apartment has one big room with king size bed and there is also convertible sofa bed...

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Apartment 103 center ZMAJ JOVINA Belgrade

Apartment 103 center ZMAJ JOVINA Belgrade is located in narrow center, between Knez Mihailova street and Obilicev venac. It has 55m2, 4th floor with elevator, for max 4 persons. The 2 bedroom nice, comfortable and bright apartment...

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Apartment 078 center MARSALA BIRJUZOVA Belgrade

 APARTMENT is located in MARSALA BIRJUZOVA street, narrow city center, 43m2, 1st floor. Apartment is for max. 4 persons. Apartment has separated bedroom with 2 singl beds which can be suited as one large bed. In living...

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Apartment 012 Vracar KRUNSKA Belgrade

 APARTMENT is located in KRUNSKA street, 65m2, groudfloor, for max 4 persons. Apartment have separated bedroom with french bed. In the living room there is convertible sofa for sleeping for up to 2 persons....

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Apartment 079 Novi Beograd BELVIL 1 Beograd

 APARTMENT is located in BELVIL, Novi Beograd area, 45m2, 8th floor. Apartment is for max. 4 persons. Apartment has separated bedroom with king size bed. In living room there is big sofa bed that can be...

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